Shipping and delivery

You can safely have your goods shipped to almost any country in the world, in case you want the shipment to be made abroad please contact us.

The couriers we usually use are UPS, DHL, SDA, in any case all shipments are carried out with traceable solutions and registered delivery with signature.

For practical reasons, our company reserves the right to change even at the last moment the courier to which the goods will actually be entrusted using, however, a reliable and traceable formula of transport and delivery, otherwise we will take care to contact you for clarification and solve any problems.

Shipments to remote areas on which there is a surcharge by certain couriers may be entrusted to couriers who do not claim surcharge, alternatively no economical solution is available we will ask you to pay the surcharge imposed by the courier.

Typical delivery times

The overall time for home delivery is determined by two main factors, firstly the time required to procure the goods and secondly the transit time provided by one of the shipping methods chosen or assigned.

Delivery times indicated in the e-commerce site are therefore purely indicative, to be considered typical and not absolute, wide variations are possible depending on the case and the period (e.g. in conjunction with holidays) or general logistical problems caused by force majeure (strikes, accidents, disasters, natural disasters, etc....).

For each item we indicate variable and wide generic delivery times in order to avoid unpleasant misunderstandings, however most goods are usually shipped immediately after payment or at least within 2-5 days from the date of receipt of payment.

To find out with more certainty the shipping time for a particular product, we recommend that you contact us before making payment.

PLEASE NOTE: by placing an order request you are not sending an executive order, in rare cases the goods may not be available, as they are out of stock, in some cases, as they are also out of production, the goods may also be never available again ( this may happen even if on the site it appears to be available).

In all such cases you will be able to vary your order request or give up, if you have sent a payment in the meantime you will get a refund or a purchase voucher.

Some particular products are shipped weeks apart, for example custom built laser modules, or occasionally laser modules that are under factory construction, we will alert you immediately of such (rare) delays.

Delivery times are variable and dependent on the courier company and the service you choose or other eventualities, we have no way of guaranteeing that couriers will maintain expectations and deadlines in all cases, however, it will be possible to track the package and communicate with the courier company and us to resolve any instances of delay.


The service to track packages on our behalf is provided directly by the couriers themselves. You can always request the waybill number to query the couriers for information.

Shipping charges

The cost of each shipping formula with one of the various couriers is specified in the shopping cart of the e-commerce site.

In cases where by means of our e-commerce the system indicates that there is no suitable corrire, or, in cases where you want to ship abroad, in order to conclude your order request you must contact us, in such cases we will create a direct quote in which the shipping costs are specially formulated.

In special cases there may be errors or omission of parameters useful for the correct calculation of shipping rates such that the chosen shipping method may be invalid and not acceptable to our company, this can be verified and communicated to the customer even after he has sent the order request and payment.

The customer agrees that our firm may contact him and propose a variation appropriate to the case, in which case the customer may accept or reject the variation, and in case of refusal he agrees that he may obtain only a refund of the amount already paid, if any, without any other claim.

Isolated Areas and Special Rates

The customer agrees that in the event that he requests delivery to an address considered to be an isolated zone at a surcharged rate by the courier, even if this fact was not highlighted during the creation of the order request, our company has the right to entrust the shipment to a courier that does not require surcharges for that zone, or, suspend the order request and require the customer the same surcharge as requested by the courier. The customer in such cases where a surcharge is required may accept the rate change or refuse to purchase without any other claim.

Quality of packaging

Special attention is paid to fragile items, packaging is always performed to a high standard.

Out of ecological ethics we always recycle any type of packaging as long as it is also still usable and suitable, therefore any new goods come to you in their original packaging when existing and provided for by the manufacturer, otherwise they are always shipped in suitable, recycled , not new, protective boxes, i.e. already used for other transports of other goods.

Our company does not mean by "recycled packaging" a new and more expensive packaging product than an ordinary one, we recycle any type of already used packaging as long as it is adequate and suitable for the goods to be delivered.

Boxes are reasonably sized, packaging is professional, and items are well protected, however, it is always advisable to insure shipments, especially if they are expensive goods.

Delivery of goods by other modes.

Pickup at our office or direct delivery by us to the customer's premises.

Some goods may be picked up by hand at our office or may be delivered directly by us to the customer's premises.

In all cases, Hand pickups must always be agreed upon in advance, are always and only made by appointment, goods must always be paid for in advance, for some goods despite direct pickup by the customer or delivery by our company there are still transportation charges to our office.

These special cases will be discussed and agreed upon directly between the parties, usually involve particularly bulky, heavy and expensive goods, e.g. sensitive special instrumentation, expensive High Tech products, numerically controlled machinery and lots of these goods in general.

Shipping insurance.

According to the current regulations to which couriers must adhere all shipments are always insured for a minimum value that can be calculated according to the weight of the goods, however, products may have a value much higher than this guaranteed minimum, it is rare the case that the amount resulting from the legal minimum insurance reimbursement equals the actual value of the goods.

Therefore we strongly recommend choosing an additional insurance option appropriate to the value of the purchased goods, only with an insured formula in case of loss of goods or delivery of damaged goods will the courier fully reimburse the insured value.

The cost of insurance is 2% of the value of the goods

Obligation on the customer to promptly report damage due to transportation.

In all cases where there are problems with couriers, the customer is required to contact us promptly by notifying us of the incident.

In case of non-delivery or in case of delivery of damaged packages and goods, the customer must quickly contact us to facilitate the resolution of the case. The customer is not obligated to accept packages if they are obviously severely damaged, in cases where the damage is minor and not compromising, the customer may accept packages taking care to specify that he/she does so "subject to reservation," such wording must be explicitly placed in writing next to the signature on the delivery receipt. The courier may not refuse this right to the customer. For this reason, both the courier and our company do not accept posthumous complaints about goods damaged during shipment not reported in the manner specified herein.

Upon delivery of the goods by the courier, the customer is required to:

  • check the number of packages, which must correspond to what is indicated in the courier's transport document (waybill, coupon, label or whatever else affixed to the package)
  • check the packaging, which must be intact, undamaged, dry, not dented
  • in case the package has seals check that these are intact.

In the event that any damage is found to the packaging and the product or the lack of packages compared to the number indicated in the shipping document, you must immediately dispute the shipment by affixing the diction "Acceptance with Reservation" on the courier's proof of delivery (which on its part may not refuse such diction).

Obligation to retain the packaging in order to dispute the actions of the courier.

Always legal purposes, in cases where the goods are delivered damaged due to transportation, it is mandatory for the customer to scrupulously keep the delivery receipt and all original packaging received with the goods. This is necessary in order to allow the carrier's manager to make the appropriate checks.

For the purpose of facilitating any due complaints, claims for damages and insurance compensation, the customer is also required to immediately produce a complete photographic documentation of the damaged packaging and damaged goods and to write us his version of the events that occurred.

In the event that the user accepts a shipment or part of it with "Reserve" is required to notify us promptly within 24/48h. from the delivery, in the manner provided herein.

Failure to collect the goods, aggravation charges for the second shipment.

The Customer is obliged to make himself available for delivery of the goods by the courier, or to cooperate with the same in order to receive the goods.

Each courier has precise rules about the mode of delivery, redelivery in case of absence of the customer, management of the storage of goods in case it was not possible to deliver on the second attempt. In cases where goods are placed in storage, couriers are entitled to charge the customer a fee.

In cases where, for whatever reason, the customer is unavailable, does not allow delivery or does not pick up the goods, after the period of storage the courier sends the goods back to our company. All overcharges arising from such cases are always borne entirely by the customer.

In such cases the customer will have to pay what is required by the courier to release the goods from storage, while in the case where the courier has already sent the goods back to our company in addition to all ancillary costs the customer will also have to pay for the second shipment.

In these cases the right of return does not apply since there has been no viewing or enjoyment and evaluation of the goods, the customer may possibly obtain cancellation of the order only for those goods for which it is intended and obtain only partial refund defalcated of all costs incurred by our company.

Limitations of liability in cases of delayed delivery, non-delivery, damaged goods due to transportation

Shipments are made as expeditiously as possible, however, delays or other problems may always occur.

In case of delays or non-deliveries, our company undertakes to notify you of the status of your order and resolve the case within the shortest possible time.

Customer agrees that, except in case of wilful misconduct on our part, no liability can be attributed to our company in case of delay, non-delivery, goods damaged during transportation, due to the action of third parties, for example caused by manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors, couriers and in general any other third party and for any reason whatsoever, by way of example due to default of the third party, wilful or in good faith, strikes, accidents, natural disasters, force majeure in general.

The Customer further agrees that in the event of delay or non-delivery of the goods, the Customer shall not be entitled to payment of any damages of any kind whatsoever for any reason whatsoever, our company does not promise in any way guaranteed expeditious deliveries useful in pursuit of any profit-making or other purpose whatsoever, except in cases where specific contracts containing other special terms and agreements signed by both parties have been signed.

For more information and to resolve any doubts click here to contact us!

Click here to write us or call us for more information at +39 3473919379

Please note: All terms and conditions are subject to change without notice, whenever you transact business on our website, submit an order request and then purchase goods or services you are required to confirm that you have read the terms and conditions of use of the website, so please take care to have read the latest version posted.




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