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The by di Davide Suvensi website contains information pages, an information portal, an e-commerce platform and other services that generally enable the user to inform himself, purchase tangible goods, intangible goods and services. So-called "technical cookies" are used to provide a pleasant user experience when browsing the site.

Technical cookies are used to enable the smooth operation of the site and offer services to the user, such as necessary to be able to store in our online store, to be able to use your own account, to participate in a forum and to perform other activities on our site.

Here is a brief introduction on what cookies are, these excerpts are from the Wikipedia site, the full text can be read here:

HTTP cookies (more commonly referred to as web cookies, or quintessentially cookies)[1] are a special type of magic cookie, a kind of identifying token, used by web servers to be able to recognize browsers during communications with the HTTP protocol used for web browsing.

Such recognition makes it possible to implement authentication mechanisms, used for logins, for example; to store data useful for the browsing session, such as preferences on the graphic or linguistic appearance of the site; to associate data stored by the server....

In practical and non-specialized terms, a cookie is similar to a small file, stored on the computer by websites during browsing, useful for saving preferences and improving the performance of websites. This optimizes the user's browsing experience....

In detail, a cookie is a small text string sent from a web server to a web client (usually a browser) and then sent back from the client to the server (unchanged) each time the client accesses the same portion of the same domain web....

Cookies are often mistakenly thought to be real programs and this generates misconceptions. In reality they are simply blocks of data, incapable by themselves of performing any action on the computer. In particular, they can be neither spyware nor viruses. Nevertheless, cookies from some sites are categorized as spyware by many anti-spyware products because they make it possible to detect the user. Modern browsers allow users to decide whether or not to accept cookies, but refusal makes some items unusable. For example, "shopping carts," i.e., shopping carts, implemented with cookies do not work in case of refusal.

Cookies are not only used on PCs or the like, but also on smartphones and tablets.

To read a complete information we recommend visiting the page of the wikipedia site:

Cookies can be called "first-party" cookies, which are cookies that our server installs on your browser, or "third-party" cookies, the latter being cookies that are installed by the servers of third-party sites.

Cookies that are used to authenticate and login, make purchases and generally navigate the site are called technical cookies, for these cookies it is not necessary for the user to express explicit consent, these cookies do not serve to monitor behavior and personal preferences assimilated to sensitive data.

On the other hand, cookies that are intended to monitor user behavior and record user preferences for advertising, profiling and marketing purposes by allowing the creation of a profile containing sensitive data are called profiling or tracking cookies, for these cookies it is necessary to obtain the user's consent in advance.

No profiling tracking cookies are used on, only technical cookies are used which are useful to improve the navigation and usability of the site itself. No third-party profiling cookies are used on, we have no agreement with third parties to profile our users and we are not responsible for the actions taken by third parties by means of any cookies they may send to the user's browser, nor can we be informed about the actual use ch of them, if any.

The third party cookies that may be used on our website belong to the sites rumble, vimeo, youtube, bitchute, google static, fontawesome, bootstrapcdn, google maps, and are possibly installed directly by the respective sites mentioned when you visit on our site those areas where videos from the same are visible, to check the nature of such cookies and the privacy policy adopted for them you have to visit the respective sites of origin.

How to accept the use of cookies or conversely inhibit their use.

A) Accepting the use of cookies

When you visit the site for the first time, or whenever you visit it after clearing cookies, or when cookies you have already accepted have expired (i.e. cleared from your browser), a warning appears indicating that cookies are being used on our site. By continuing to browse the site, the user automatically and implicitly accepts its use. In addition, the user can hide the warning by explicitly accepting the use of cookies, this is possible by clicking on the appropriate button in the warning box itself.

B) Rejecting the use of cookies.

Since we do not use either first-party or third-party profiling cookies, but only technical cookies, there is no obligation to accept or reject them, as mentioned above by continuing to browse the site you automatically accept the use of technical and youtube cookies.

However you can always inhibit the use of cookies by means of your browser, this is both for cookies from our site and cookies from any other website.

To inhibit the use of cookies and in fact reject their use you must proceed to set your browser by means of its configuration panel. To find out how to block the use of cookies visit the pages of the developer of the browser you are using, among them the main ones are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Windows Explorer.

Consequences of rejecting cookies

The user by setting his browser is always free to inhibit the use of cookies and delete them, that is, in fact to refuse them, this does not imply on our part the direct denial of any service, however it should be noted that the website may not work at its best and that some functions may not be available because they require the use of technical cookies. The website also may not recognize or remember your authentication in restricted areas and may not provide the shopping cart functions of the online store. However, this does not prevent you from purchasing from us; in fact, you may contact us by submitting order requests directly via email or phone.




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