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Here at ModuliLaser.com we are committed to sell laser modules for scientific, medical, industrial use, for metrology, for the creation of technical instrumentation, lasers for the creation of systems for visual effects for entertainment during shows , shows, events and for many other applications.

For over 10 years we have been supplying CE certified lasers to customers of all kinds, our lasers are correctly classified and tested, in our catalog you will find only safe products, equipped with an accurate and exhaustive technical data sheet.

Each laser module that you find in our catalog has been checked and tested, correctly classified and cataloged, CE certified and duly described in a complete technical sheet by specialized technicians in a well-equipped laboratory. All our products are compliant and you can use them without doubts or surprises.

  • CE certified Laser modules
  • CE certified Laser Safety Goggles
  • DOE Optical Diffractive Elements
  • Expander Laser Flashlights
  • Special custom Lasers and DOE
  • Brackets and Power Supply units
  • Complete and accurate data sheets
  • Good quality products

Who are our customers?

Our range of products and services is aimed at integrators, researchers, educational institutes, professionals, sole proprietorships, micro enterprises, SMEs, large companies, industry, artisans, individuals, anyone who needs good quality laser modules.

All the laser products we offer are dedicated to medical, professional, industrial, technical, ballistic, metrological, scientific, experimental and many other application fields, they can of course be used for any possible purpose.

With the lasers we offer, our customers create all kinds of instrumentation, they are used to create systems for alignment and leveling, for integration of laser pointers, lines and crosses in power tools, for scientific research in laboratories or other locations, for systems for analysis and counting, integration into medical products, for industrial machines where lasers are used for measuring, visual marking, positioning, 3D scanning, for creating visual effects and many other applications, e.g. for data transmission, for instrumentation electronics etc...

Our customers are the most varied, you too can take advantage of our reliable supply services for valid and safe products, guaranteed to be of quality and CE certified.

Contact us directly to receive advice, information, quotes.

Call us at +39 3473919379 or write us a message, click here to do it.

Custom Lasers

Our standard catalog is particularly rich in laser solutions for a wide range of applications, we also offer custom built lasers according to your requirements.

Thanks to the analytical search filters on our site, it is quite simple to identify modules that can brilliantly solve the problems posed by your application case. In addition to the lasers that project the classic point, line, cross, we also offer a wide range of lasers that mount DOEs (diffractive optical elements), these allow you to project the most disparate shapes, point and line, crosses of various shapes , crosshairs, grids, dot matrices, random matrices, line matrices, circles, squares, etc.

Another kind of particular laser module that we offer is a sort of flashlight called "expander", it projects a laser cone, it is very useful for inspection and extremely clear and efficient lighting, can be used for the most diverse applications both for eye observation and with instrumentation such as cameras.

If you can't find in our catalogue a standard laser module that is useful to fulfill your application needs, do not hesitate to contact us, we might be able to build a specific custom laser module that in terms of quality, power, size, projected shape, color and optical characteristics, geometry of the projection and technical features is suitable for your specific study case.

One of our strengths is that in addition to a large standard catalog we can create customized lasers and DOEs, even starting from a single unit for testing purposes and possibly later in batches.




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