Right of withdrawal and return of goods within 14 days.

The return of goods, when required by law and possible, must be requested within 14 days from the date of receipt of the same by means of the appropriate form in the manner indicated below.

Notice must be sent within 14 days by registered letter with return receipt, addressed to:


Via Canali 4A

50026 San Casciano in Val Di Pesa - Firenze - Italy

The right of withdrawal is subject to the following conditions.

It is not possible to exercise withdrawal on only part of the purchased product.

The goods must be returned in the original undamaged packaging, complete with all its parts (including packaging and any documentation and accessory equipment).

The original packaging must not be damaged, it must be placed in a second protective box so that it reaches us undamaged or altered.

In all cases, labels, adhesive tapes or other products should not be affixed directly to the original product packaging as it may be altered or ruined.

The packaging must be suitable for the transport of the goods, we recommend using the same packaging with which it was received or equivalent packaging.

We reserve the right to refuse the receipt of goods that are not properly packed and/or damaged, or will be left in the custody of the courier.

Goods always travel at your own risk, we recommend that you insure the goods.

In case of damage to the goods being returned occurred during transport, we will refuse delivery and promptly notify the customer of the incident by canceling the request for withdrawal, the customer in that case will have to complain to their courier, if the shipment is insured the user can obtain from the same the refund of the goods in accordance with the conditions of the shipping method chosen and insurance stipulated with the courier itself.

When the return is properly carried out and is accepted, the goods will be examined, if free of defects and tampering our company will refund the Customer the full amount already paid, less the costs incurred for the first shipment to the customer, within 30 days after the return of the goods (you have the right to return the goods, shipments can not be returned therefore can not be refunded).

The right of withdrawal does not exist if the essential conditions of integrity of the goods, packaging and / or its contents are missing.

In cases where the following conditions are established, the right of withdrawal is canceled and we will not accept the return of the goods:

  • The original outer packaging or parts of it and/or the original inner packaging is missing
  • The original packaging is damaged
  • Any part, even minimal, of the product is missing
  • Protections or seals affixed to the product or the packaging have been removed
  • Signs of product use, scratches or any kind of damage are present

In the above cases in which the right of withdrawal lapses we will return the purchased goods to the customer, charging the same for shipping costs.

The customer who does not wish to pay the additional cost of reshipment carried out by ourselves may collect the goods directly or request their courier to ship the goods at their own expense within 6 months, past this time limit as per practice automatically waives all rights to the goods themselves and loses ownership.

Non-returnable merchandise for which there is no right of withdrawal.

All virtual products are not returnable, therefore software products and in general all assimilated and software type products, for example 3D scans and 3D models, CNC post processors, Scripts and Macros, Calc or Excel spreadsheets, websites, 3D viewers for websites or virtual catalogs software and similar in general, by law and according to logic can never be reclaimed and returned, for all these products a refund is never possible.

All tangible goods of any kind, mechanical or other hardware, including customized PCs, which are built or/and customized to order, possibly custom-made, are not returnable and are not covered by the customer's right of withdrawal.

Non-returnable goods include CNC pantographs, again built to order and custom, custom 3D scanners, machinery of any kind built to order, PCs built to order and/or customized when purchased, reconditioned used PCs sold as-is, assembled/built to order and/or customized, software 3D models and any software products in general, works of art created to order on a custom and personalized basis, any goods that have been bargained for by means of individual negotiation for which there is a written agreement that excludes this right, any goods purchased or bargained for by means of physical meetings between the parties at any venue or location, including trade shows.

Please note that professionals and firms have no right to withdrawal and return of goods.

To request permission to return goods please download this form click on the button below):


To request the return of goods, please duly fill out the form and send it to us in the above manner.

For more information and solve any doubt please contact us!

Please note: All terms and conditions are subject to change without notice, whenever you transact business on our website, submit an order request and then purchase goods or services you are required to confirm that you have read the terms and conditions of use of the website, so please take care that you have read the latest version posted.

Call us for more information please contact us at 3473919379




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