Laser radiation safety goggles LPG-PACKAGE

Protective goggles against laser radiation. Complete set of 4 different kind of laser safety eyewear glasses
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Quick laser class info
Quick info about laser classes
Laser Class Danger level
Class 1 Harmless, watch your eyes
Class 1M Harmless, watch your eyes
Class 1C Harmless, watch your eyes
Class 2 Very Slightly dangerous to the eyes, harmless to the skin
Class 2M Slightly dangerous to the eyes, harmless to the skin, do not observe it using optics
Class 3R Dangerous to the eyes, not very dangerous to the skin
Class 3B Dangerous for the eyes and skin
Class 4 Dangerous to the eyes and skin, may cause fire
For a more exhaustive information click here to read about laser classes
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Protective goggles against laser radiation, essential for working in safety LASER-LPG-PACKAGE

Reference: 70144352

Complete set of laser safety glasses, it includes:

1x safety eyewear 38RB2

1x safety eyewear 38ARG

1x safety eyewear 38ML1

1x safety eyewear 38CT2

4x wall shelf to store them and always keep them in order available for operators

- ABS box

- Patented opening system for quick and easy removal

- Various stickers are included to quickly and unambiguously identify the wavelength range from which each goggle protects

- Wall shelf for storing glasses included

4x prescription sticker "Wear safety glasses"

4x laser radiation warning stickers against injuries

• Complete set of protective goggles for 4 different wavelength ranges

• Wall shelf for storing glasses included

• Stickers with the words warning of the presence of laser radiation against accidents

Click on the technical data sheet tab for the parameters and further details. Contact us for any further information and advice, call 3473919379.

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Product Details

Data sheet

Rating LB
180-315 D LB7 + IR LB4 - 315-532 DIRM LB6 - 615-660 DIR LB3 - 630-711 DIR LB5 - 648-708 D LB5+IR LB6 - 654-699 D LB5+IR LB8 - 665-715 D LB4+IR LB5 - 694 IR LB7 - 720-1100 DIRM LB5 - 775-1085 D LB5+IRM LB6 - 790-1080 D LB6+IRM LB7 - 950-1085 DIRM LB6
Operating temp°
20°C ~ 40°C
Lens color
Sky Aqua Blue - Green-blue - Green - Orange
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